Friday, August 7, 2009

It's All About Me!

Hello everyone! This is my first blog! I was always interested in reading my two friends blogs, Sweet Caroline and Summerwind, so I came up with the idea of creating my own! It seems like a good hobby to take up and a way to keep in touch with friends when we are all away at our different colleges.  I do not really know what to say or how to start.  I guess I will start by telling you things about myself.

-I am 18 years young, I have a teacup yorkie whose name is JACK and he is the cutest little thing and a very well behaved dog, he is a great companion.  
-I love my boyfriend, He is my best friend.  But, unfortunately he currently just left me for football camp at college two days ago :( Its been really tough. We have been talking on the phone as mush as we possibly can and are going to try video chatting eventually.  This is the first time we have been separated for oh, more then an hour in the longest time.  I just know that I am going to have to take it one day at a time and have faith everything will work out.  
-I have one sister who is going to be 23 in august, she lives in boston though, so I do not see her much, but I just saw her when we were at our annual summer beach spot less then a month ago.
-My favorite place in the whole world, besides my boyfriends basement, is STONE HARBOR new jersey. I have been going there for my summer vacations since I was a little girl.  Next summer my family and I are looking to go for two whole weeks!
-My favorite band is The Dave Matthews Band, if you could not tell, the name of my blog is the name of one of my favorite albums by him! I have seen him in concert 7 times and one was in NYC at radio city music hall with two of my really good friends.  That was one of the best experiences in my life.  
-I used to be a Cheerleader in high school for 4 years! it was a great experience and a good way to meet friends. I have had the best times cheering, and probably the worst too, but I met some of my best friends that way and I would never change it for the anything.
-I don't really have a specific"style." I really just where what I like, my favorite color to wear is black because I think it looks very classy and just looks the best on anyone.  I'm not too much of a prep. I like some preppy things, but I am definitely not the girl that shops in J. Crew or wheres boat shoes.  NOT that there is anything wrong with that, because trust me, where I come from my town is KNOWN for its peppiness, but the style is just not me.
-I love shopping, but what girl doesn't? My weakness is definitely handbags and shoes. I love shoes. I really like shopping for clothes too, obviously, but shoes and purses are the number one thing I could never have enough of.  
-I break things easily. Especially technological things, like cell phones, I think I am on my 15th one? My television, iPods, laptop, camera, you name it.  My mom thinks that as soon as I touch something it just automatically breaks, and she is right, it does. 
-Speaking of my mom, we have gotten really close this past year.  I stayed home my first year of college, because well, I did a pretty shitty job in highschool and didn't try as hard as I really should have.  I took some classes throughout the year at my local community college and it was alright, but I would have loved to be at college to get that dorm life experience.  BUT! thankfully I am leaving in almost two weeks to start my first time experience living away from home.  I am EXTREMELY nervous.  It is only an hour away or so, but I still have times where I cant have sleepovers without getting homesick.  Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that my mom does EVERYTHING for me.  I really do not know how I am going to survive.  
-I still do not drive. Sad, I know but I really just never came around to it, never cared for it. I don't know maybe one day it will happen, but as of now I am content.  Maybe it has something to do with growing up.  I really do not want to.  Someone once told me I had peter pan syndrome.  They said it was a real term they have heard once in a psychology class.  It about people who are in fear of growing up and becoming an adult and having to deal with your own responsibilities which definitely hit the nail on the head with that one. 

 Well, this was a really long post, and my mom is home for lunch so I am going to go eat and  enjoy spending time with her until she goes back to work, I will definitely be writing in later, this is addicting.  Bye for now!

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