Friday, August 7, 2009

Lonely Fridays

So it is 9:30 pm on a friday night and I am sitting on my butt watching Degrassi with my mom.   Welcome to my new life without the boy.  It is alot getting used to, but I do love spending time with my mom.  We went shopping tonight for stuff for my house at school.  I bought :

-1 light pink comforter
-1 lime green rug
-1 lime green light for reading
-1 biggg long white with pink polka dot pillow
-1 pink waste basket
-1 pink laundry hamper
-1 lime green pillow thing with those arms sticking out, I dont know what they are called.
-1 set of pink sheets
-Very colorful bath towels 
-Then I just got 3 peices of clothing. 

I went to bed bath and beyond and found a lot of stuff there, but then me and my mom figured that we could go to walmart and get things much much cheaper  so we went there, and then we went to marshalls for the sheets and I also looked at clothes and tried on a couple pair of seven jeans but they were too long for my legs and I felt like they were too high, right on my belly button, plus they were 80 bucks, I felt guilty.  BUT I did buy an ed hardy zip up for only 12 dollars so I felt like that was a steal.  I am not quite done house buying just yet but I am closer then I was to it yesterday! I am very excited but still very nervous leaving my mom and dad and my cute little puppy. I love them all so much.  

Well, I think I am going to go and lounge around with my mom and watch some shows on tv, probably hear from the boy soon, and talk to him for hopefully a good amount of time. My dad went to the pirate game tonight with his brother and family, me and my mom I guess are anti social.  He should be home soon I am assuming though.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun friday, and I will be sure to blog tomorrow! We have our annual block party tomorrow from 4-11 so I think that should be a fun fulfilling day! There will be tons of food and activities like volleyball, face painting, tattoos, a moon bounce! (which I am so excited for) and other interesting things.  Me and this other girl are one of the oldest on the street, others are a bunch of little kids, so luckily we have eachother.

Until tomorrow!

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